ALRAI food industries uses the best in fruit to craft high quality juices and drinks that provide delicious flavor choices, nutrients, and fresh taste.

For your pleasure, ALRAI keeps developing new recipes and original savours to stimulate your taste with tasty fresh fruits.

With ALRAI you choose a delicious fruit juice, you get the fruit’s nutritional benefits and the essential vitamins for your body. You enjoy several ranges of juice depending on your likes and fancies: 
ALRAI drinks: ALRAI drink range contains vitamin C and is perfectly adapted to those who need to be in great shape all day long. A boosting effect to wake us up in the morning or to recharge our batteries during our many daily activities.
With its different sizes, small and medium size to carry along everywhere, large size to share with family or friends and its large range of flavours, everyone can find the flavour he wants at any time.  
Fawakeh juice:
All nutritionists agree that it is essential to eat five types of fruit and vegetables each day. Indeed, they bring us the necessary vitamins to be in good shape and stay healthy day after day. In order to help us consume more fruit and vegetables, ALRAI - the fruit juice expert - has created FAWAKEH, with 100% pure fresh juice recipes.
One liter of FAWAKEH contains 5 portions of fruit. Therefore a glass (i.e 20 cl) of FAWAKEH represents one portion of various and delicious fruit. Exactly what your body needs for you to give the best of yourself day after day.

RAIO drinks: To meet the needs of moms and desires of greedy kids, ALRAI offers RAIO, a range of juices for children made from fruit; it’s available in 4 flavors. RAIO fruit juices are a tasty and delicious source of vitamin (C) essential to the growth of children.